Private Club Network

Your Golf Bag Now Holds Hundreds of Clubs
Private Club Network is an association that has networked private country clubs around the nation for the mutual benefit of their members. Participation in the Private Club Network will allow members of Westborough County Club the opportunity to play these participating golf courses for a standardized fee.

We believe that the Private Club Network is a significant added benefit, and is consistent with our goal of creating an exceptional membership experience for our members at Westborough County Club.

Click here for a list of participating Clubs by state

The following guidelines of membership apply to all individual Members of the Network:
  • All Member tee-time requests shall be made to the Private Club Network’s member service center toll free at (800) 547-0838 or through its on-line tee-time request tool available at
  •  Member tee-time requests for play at participating Private Club Network clubs shall be made in advance, with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to allow for requests to be submitted and confirmed by the Network’s member service center. Tee time acceptance is based on space availability as determined by the Host Club. Members of Private Club Network may not contact the host club directly to request tee-times. Doing so is grounds for termination of membership privileges.