Reiki Therapy

Balance your energy

Reiki is a deep meditative state for the client and works through the Charkras to balance your energy and help rejuvenate. If you've ever felt like life, someone, or a situation sucks your energy, then Reiki would be a good practice to start. Regular reiki sessions helps you protect and balance your energy and keep you renewed and restored!

About the Therapist: Caleena Karstens is originally from Prescott, Arizona, but moved to St. Louis almost 14 years ago. She has worked in different realms, but primarily in health care. She was in administration for a local hospital system for nearly a decade. She discovered Reiki in March of 2021. Reiki awakened her soul and she realized her mission was to help people find and keep their energetic balance. In addition to being a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, she is also a certified health and life coach and kickboxing and Zumba instructor. She is so excited to bring her passion and expertise to Westborough Country Club and can't wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Reiki!


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To make an appointment, call or text Caleena directly at (314) 941-5300 or email her at [email protected].