Junior Programs

An Opportunity to Play, Learn, & Socialize

Our Junior Programs define the family aspect of our Club. Whether your child likes to swim, dive, golf, swing a racquet, or all of the above, Westborough has a program fit for them. From ages 3-18 and levels ranging from tadpoles to 18-hole golfers, Westborough offers the highest quality of teaching in tennis, golf, swimming, and diving. Our goal is to develop a lifelong participant in each sport. Teaching basic fundamentals and proper techniques are top priorities, while also encouraging a sense of belonging.


Junior Golf

The Junior program is driving the growth of “family golf” here at Westborough. Our primary focus is to develop lifelong golfers. That is possible due to the active participation from parents and juniors alike. By increasing the junior’s knowledge, developing an appreciation for the game, and observing proper etiquette, we continue to experience huge success. We have consistently seen more kids participating at the high school level every year. We strongly encourage attendance on a regular basis and appreciate parent’s active support. This program is designed for players age 6 and above.

Junior Tennis

Tennis is  alive at Westborough! Our USPTA staff manages a variety of tennis events, clinics, and programs. Our teaching staff stands ready to hone your child’s racquet skills. With skill levels ranging from Tiny Tots to Top Guns, your children will be placed in the level to fit their ability. Throughout the summer, our tennis program features a variety of tennis activities such as a pizza party, parent-child tournament, and tennis camps to help tie in learning with fun.

Junior Swim

If you have never had the opportunity to attend a swim meet at Westborough, then you have yet to really see what our Swim Team is truly all about. Hundreds of kids with moms and dads in tow come forth to rally the Westborough Breakers to victory during our swim season. It’s a great family outing; kids and adults both get to have fun, and great camaraderie is had over food, drinks, and visits to other clubs. From lessons to the finish line, your child will gain confidence, strength, and endurance.