Demolition & New Additions

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Stay up-to-date on our 2019 Renovation Project as we build a better Westborough


Demolition & New Additions

The excitement truly IS building at Westborough!

We kicked off the new year on January 1st by beginning demolition with our in-house staff (yes, Pam was spotted with a sledgehammer!) in the Front Lobby, Living Room, Westborough Room, Club Room, Bar area, & Kitchen, while demolition of the Ladies Locker Room began in December. No one was harmed in the process, but Jim’s cell phone may or may not have fell victim to a jackhammer. Not only was this process fun for our in-house staff to be able to be hands-on with the renovation project, but it also saved the Club tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding sourcing the demolition out to contractors!

Also on January 1st, we began our Annual 
Shutdown. Typically, we shut down for the first two weeks of the year to make enhancements to club for members to enjoy, but this year, we will be closed for 6 weeks to complete the Kitchen & Living room renovation! During this shutdown, our Fitness Center still remains open for you to stay committed to your new year’s resolutions, while having the ability to simultaneously ruin them with the reciprocal dining privileges we have available at several other local clubs! This is also a great time for our members to get to experience other clubs while we are busy building a better Westborough!

Our golf course is currently closed until January 14th (with the exception of nice weather) and although the weather right now might not be golf weather, it is definitely Topgolf weather! Don't forget that Westborough members in all membership categories can book complimentary two-hour slots at Topgolf in Chesterfield for up to 6 players during the available hours. Haven't been yet? Well now's the perfect time! Click here to learn more about it and see the available time for complimentary play. Ready to book your Topgolf tee time? Click here.

Speaking of building a better Westborough, our Kitchen renovation is well on its way! While much focus has been on expanding the Kitchen to include the area that was our existing Bar, the crew is in the process of completely overhauling the existing Kitchen with our own staff & labor. In addition, the rough-in of our plumbing and electrical is coming along. We also are excited to begin laying the new kitchen floor this coming Monday! Along with the new floor, work on the new HVAC for the kitchen will commence next week as well. The addition of air conditioning to the kitchen will greatly improve the working conditions for our staff and ultimately enhance the product they can deliver.

Things are all going according to plan with the exception of the original intention for garage door-style openings to our new Veranda. We have discovered that these will likely need to be modified to be compliant with the current health department codes.

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