Roofing, Carpeting, & Wood Flooring... OH MY!

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Roofing, Carpeting, & Wood Flooring... OH MY!

CRANE you believe it is already February?!

Our staff along with Hensley Construction have been working hard to keep the Renovation Project on schedule in order to complete this project on time (so far, so good!). If you passed by the Club on Monday, no, Jim was not bungee jumping over the Clubhouse, but we did have a rather large crane that was here to place the new rooftop units in!

The new hardwood flooring in the Front Lobby, Living Room walkway, & in the hallway leading up to the new Member Lounge area is now complete! These areas that were previously carpeted will now have a fresh, timeless look!

In addition to the wood flooring, the installation of the new carpeting in the Living Room area is nearing completion! We are now looking forward to continuing on with the Living Room's new makeover by adding new details at the ceiling, new light fixtures, and all new furniture!

We have also begun installing the new carpeting in the Westborough Room! Although the lighting in the photos appear to show a difference in the coloring of the carpeting in the Living Room versus the Westborough Room, the carpeting is the same in both rooms. Next in the Westborough Room, we will be adding enhanced lighting, new wall treatments, and new furniture throughout!

A special thank you to Bill Brasser & Captiva Marketing for providing many of the professional progress photographs found above

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