Club History

Est. 1948
Westborough Country Club 1933
April 1, 1978 Fire
2008 Expansion Groundbreaking

April 2009 Fitness Center & Pool Building Construction

2019 Renovation Renderings -  Bendelow's at Westborough Country Club; The Veranda  

In 1908, Westwood Country Club opened in a location conveniently nestled between the quaint neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Webster Groves and Glendale. Today, this site bestows a hub of camaraderie, sport and exquisite food and drinks in what has long since been known as Westborough Country Club. While Westborough now boasts a vibrant, family-oriented culture, the Club also claims a rich, fascinating history rooted in values of determination and innovation. 


In 1928, Walter Pfeiffer bought the course and restructured it into a public facility. In the late 40s, parcels of the original plot were sold to the Webster Groves School District and the Webster Groves Christian Church in order to keep the Club financially solvent. It was then that the entrance to the Club was moved from Sappington Road (behind #1 green) to its present-day Berry Road location.


In 1948, a small group of Westborough’s founding members purchased the Club, using their own business as collateral. Because they lacked sufficient capital to restore the buildings, maintain the golf course and employ kitchen and service staff, much of the work was done by the members themselves. Their time, money and risk paid off, and by only its fourth year of operating as a member-owned club, Westborough’s membership ranks had filled.


The Club was built with tenacity, and that persistence continued to prove itself useful as WCC suffered its share of setbacks through the years. An April Fool’s Day fire in 1978 (one of three fires in Westborough's history) destroyed most of the Clubhouse. With the same unmatched determination of the Founders, the Club was rebuilt -- this time, to be taken to new heights. 



Westborough’s golf course was designed by Tom Bendelow. Bendelow is known for being the most prolific golf course architect in North America having designed over 600 courses, including all three courses at Medinah, Mission Hills, the original Bellerive and our neighbors down the street, Algonquin. In the early 90’s renowned architect Gary Kern was called upon to renovate much of the golf course redesigning bunkers, rerouting fairways and adding the predominant mounding throughout the golf course that has become Westborough’s character and trademark. 


In 2008 the Club embarked on a $5.5 million dollar expansion project. The project was completed in spring of 2009 and included significant upgrades and playability improvements to the golf course. Clubhouse improvements featured a casual dining room, a  full-service state-of-the-art fitness center, and a new pool building which set the stage for upgraded youth and family programs that are now beloved by WCC members. These projects were inspired by the Membership’s strategic plan to embrace the traditional values of a country club while appealing to young families. 


One decade later, the diverse WCC members of 2018 overwhelmingly approved another batch of improvements with big visions for the future. With extreme precision and execution, the $2.5 million renovation was completed in just 5 months, and Westborough became home to a beautiful, modern space that enhanced the atmosphere and accommodations for all. The 2018/19 remodel is seen in nearly every corner of the clubhouse, as the Club now flaunts a contemporary bar, restaurant and outdoor veranda, as well as a completely remodeled clubhouse, kitchen, and dining and event space. The project concluded in May 2019, and was showcased accordingly with the grand opening of WCC’s beautiful adult-only bar and restaurant, “Bendelow’s at Westborough,” on June 8th. 


The now well-rooted golf course, vibrant camaraderie and newly remodeled facilities have propelled the Club to a level never seen in our history. At Westborough, we are driven by our values and engage in our current mission of “Quality Leisure with Family and Friends.” Our strength is in our membership a community which demonstrates, based on the tradition of the founders, no task is too great so long as pride and determination are the driving forces.


As members, we belong to Westborough Country Club and Westborough Country Club belongs to us.

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Play Westborough