WCC Golfer's Guide

Enjoy your golf experience at Westborough by following this helpful guide

Checking In

All players must check-in prior to play. Please let the Pro Shop know if you are walking, riding,or taking a pull cart. If hosting guests, we request to have their names.

Dress Code

  • Shirts must be tucked in. No blue jeans, overalls, cut-offs, jogging shorts, gym shorts, or swimsuits are allowed on the golf course. Tank tops or mesh shirts are not allowed.
  • Golf shoes are to be changed in the locker rooms. Shoes are not to be changed in the Pro Shop or parking lots.
  • Men should wear walking shorts or sport slacks and collared shirts at all times. Caps are to be worn with the bill facing forward. Women should wear shorts, skirts, or slacks. No short-shorts, strapless or sun tops, tube, or hatler tops. High heels are not permitted on the golf course or putting greens.
  • Junior golfers are subject to the same dress codes as listed above.
  • Members are responsible for the attire of their guests.
  • Ripped sole and metal spiked shoes are not allowed.

Golf Etiquette 

  • Players shall replace all divots, repair ball marks, rake sand bunkers, etc, to ensure maximum playability of the course.

  • Rakes shall be left at the bottom of all sand bunkers.
  • Players shall not alter play of the course.
  • Practice is limited to the areas and times designated. 
  • Players shall refrain from any deliberate action that may infringe on the enjoyment or safety of other players.
  • All trash shall be deposited in the containers provided.

Golf Cart Rules

There are 3 different scenearios for the daily golf cart policy. The Superindendent determines which one will be applied for the day based upon course conditions.
  1. Golf carts in the fairway only: Carts enter the fairway at the first green stake, remain in the fairway for the entire hole, and then exit the fairway at the last green stake. Please do not drive the golf cart in the rough or into another fairway. Park in the fairway and walk to your ball.
  2. Golf carts permitted in the fairway for "red flags" only: Only players granted "red flags" are allowed to take the golf cart off the path.
  3. Golf carts remain on the cart path.
Note: Red flags are not permitted in the rough.
Note: Juniors without a valid driver's license are not allow to drive the golf cart. Even if an adult is with them.

Tee Times

(General guide. April through October)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Ladies 18-Hole group modified shotgun; tee reserved for their tee times typically from 8:30 AM-11:00 AM.
Wednesday: Ladies 9-Hole group; course reserved from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM on either the front ot the back 9. The ladies alternate nines every week. Men's 9-Hole League on Wednesday evenings. 
Thursday: Senior Men modified shotgun; tee reserved in April & May from 8:30 AM-10:00 AM, June through August from 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Friday: Six to seven junior golf days in June & July. Tee opens at approximately 9:20 AM. If there is no junior golf, tee is open all day.
Weekend: Primary Golfing Members only through 10:00 AM. One guest per member before 10:00 AM.
  • All tee times that remain open for Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday morning prior to 10:00 AM by the preceding Friday may be reserved by the following membership categories: Spouses, dependent children ages 18-24, and juniors that have been granted an "18-Hole Privilege Card." (Juniors must play with a primary member or spouse).
  • The tee sheet can be accessed and tee times can be made on our website under the "Tee Times" tab at the top of our website.
  • Tee times can be made one week in advance for weekday play and tee times for the weekend can be made on the Tuesday prior to the weekend.

Practice Facilities

  • Five bay netted warm-up area (50 feet wide--80 feet deep).
  • Short game area that is 90 yards long located between holes #6 and #7.

Golf Bag Storage

We recommend that golf bags be stored on-site in our Bag Room for your convenience.

Hole-in-One Club (Members Only)

All Primary Golfing Members are automatically enrolled in the Hole-In-One Club at Westborough. Your account will automatically be billed $5 whenever another member makes a hole-in-one at Westborough Country Club. (A hole-in-one not made at WCC is not applicable to our Hole-in-One Club.) If you make a hole-in-one, you will receive a check from the Club based upon the total number of participants in the Hole-in-One Club at the time of the hole-in-one. In the event the check’s value exceeds $600, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.
  • If you are not listed as the Primary Golfing Member and are listed as a Spouse, you must elect (sign-up) to be included in the Hole-in-One Club (*see bolded instructions below for how to enroll in the Hole-in-One Club if you are not already enrolled).
  • Dependents may not be part of the Hole-In-One Club.
If you do make a hole-in-one, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE GOLF SHOP ON THAT DAY.

The following provisions apply:
  • It must take place during a regular round (not just practicing). Playing 9-holes is considered a regular round.
  • One other adult must witness it (age 25 & above is considered an adult for the Hole-In-One Club witness).
  • It must take place “in season” when the course has regular tee markers in place.
Adult male and female members are in one combined pool.

*If you or your spouse are not enrolled in our Hole-in-One Club and would like to be or if you or your spouse are enrolled and would like to be unenrolled, please click here to fill-out a form to do so. Once completed, return the completed form to either our Pro Shop or Main Offices.

If you or your spouse are unsure whether or not you are enrolled in our Hole-in-One Club, please email Membership Director, Rachel Steinhoff, or call her at (314) 858-9601.